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Babe gets very nervous at shows - she is "buddy sour" and is frantic when her friend leaves her to go in a class or when it's time for Babe to show.  Over the years I've tried several products with no change.

       The Perfect Prep products were recommended to me by AQHA World champion trainer, Cathy Hanson....and they really made a difference.

       This is the program that works for Babe:

       Two days before the show I start her on
Perfect Prep EQ Training Day. It is a powder and I feed her two - one ounce scoops a day.  Because she doesn't like the taste I divide it into three feedings and mix it with soaked alfalfa cubes, corn oil and Equine Senior.

       The night before she shows I give her one tube (60 cc) of
Perfect Prep EQ Gold.
I administer small amounts over the space of a half hour as it's a fairly large amount to give all at once. She will get a tube every 12 hours during the show.

       This program generally keeps her calm, but if she is still nervous I'll give her a tube (80 cc) of
Perfect Prep EQ Extreme 90 minutes before her class. I'll give the tube over the span of 30-45 minutes.  For Babe is seems to peak two hours after adminstration.

        These products are all natural and meet competition guidelines.

         In addition to these products I also have her on
Manna Pro Opti-Zyme Microbial Digestive Supplement everyday and give her UlcerGard two days before we leave for the show, everyday during the show and for one day after we return home.
Eleanor and Babe